Misa Amane: A Beacon of Chaos in the World of Death Note

Misa Amane

Misa is a self-reliant, powerful woman who possesses a great deal of wealth, a stellar social standing, a successful career, prestige, and, in short, everything she needs. She is the series’ main female lead, and we can undoubtedly say that she is a very compelling and complex character, but there is more to her than meets the eye.

Importance of Misa

Ohba claimed that he believed the name Misa came from the Japanese word “kuromisa,” which translates to “Black Mass.” The meaning of Misa’s last name, Amane, is “Sound of the Heavens.” Given her sense of style, her status as the Second Kira, and the fact that Misa is the only anime character to sing, this name is a perfect fit for Misa. Her song was well-liked by many listeners, and her gorgeous voice must have come from above.

A rising model, actress, and supporter of Kira, who ultimately becomes the Second Kira, is Misa Amane. She seeks out Kira after obtaining a Death Note to thank him for killing the person who killed her family and to offer him her assistance. After making the exchange for the Shinigami Eyes, Misa discovers that Kira is actually Light Yagami. She meets Light and decides to devote her life to helping Light in any way she can. She also resolves to use her eyes to find out L’s real name.

When Misa Amane was a young child, her parents were murdered in front of her by an unidentified robber, and Kira (Light) sentenced the murderer to death. Following this, Misa makes the decision to live for Kira. Misa did not consider forgiving Kira until she had killed the robber herself. After this murder by Kira, she experiences intense emotions and eventually a particular kind of attachment to Kira as her avenging angel.

There are numerous religious allusions in Death Note. There is symbolism in almost everything, from the actions and poses that the characters take to Kira’s followers worshipping him. Misa doesn’t just dress in gothic fashion; she also carries a Rosary. She is a Kira supporter, so it stands to reason that she would sacrifice anything for Light even if he hadn’t avenged her parents. Light was happy to use her in any way he desired because he so desperately wanted to be a God. She might not have been wise to trust a man who had betrayed her and killed thousands of people.

Obata’s Struggle

The hardest manga character to create, in Obata’s opinion, was Misa. He claimed that it was challenging for him to adopt the perspective of someone who would sacrifice everything for the one they loved. While he was writing for the character, Obata worried that Misa would seize the initiative. Despite the difficulty, Obata added that drawing her was a lot of fun. He took pleasure in reading the magazines he used to research her.

Misa Amane is one of the cast members who receives the most abuse. She is regarded by viewers as one of the most grating characters in anime because they think she ruined Light’s chances of winning and detracted from the scenes in which she appears. But Misa actually has a lot going for her that makes her a fun and enjoyable character.