How Long Does it Take the Best Acne Wash for Face to Work?

Anyone starting the use of the best acne wash for face for the time needs to know what to expect. Without this information, it’s almost impossible to know whether it’s working or not. In this blog, we provide answers to questions, such as how long the process takes. 

Too many people give up using their acne products because they’re ill-informed about what they’re doing – something we aim to change here. So, come with us as we explore the ingredients inside and what they do to the skin. 

The Best Acne Wash for Face Typically Includes Benzoyl Peroxide

While there are a number of different products on the market, the best acne wash for face tends to contain an acid known as benzoyl peroxide. It’s one of the most popular because of how effective it is at clearing the skin and is favored by people with mild to moderate acne. 

Usually used twice daily (morning and night), benzoyl peroxide can tackle persistent breakouts by unclogging pores and eliminating bacteria. Simply applying foam wash to your face, the product penetrates deep under the skin, helping break the cycle and restore skin health. 

So, How Long Does BP Wash Take to Work?

That depends very much on what you mean by ‘work’. One thing we can say for certain is that it won’t work immediately, and for the most part, your skin will only look a little better during the first week or so. You should notice a tingling sensation when applying it to your face, which may make your skin feel dry and slightly inflamed at first. 

This is what most people go through when using the product, so don’t be afraid to continue. So long as the irritation experienced isn’t too severe, you should carry on using the product as directed. As such, if by ‘work’ you mean clearing your skin, the product can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 months. 

Other Things You Should Know About BP Wash

Along the way, the pragmatic war of attrition involved in tackling acne will lead you to have ups and downs. However, the trend to should be an upward one, with your breakouts getting further apart and noticeably less severe. To help guide you on this journey, here are some other facts that you should know about BP washes. 

  • They shouldn’t be used at the same time as other acne treatments 
  • Washes are available in 2.5%, 4% and 10% options – the right one depends on your skin and the severity of your acne
  • If you have sensitive skin, use it just once a day at night
  • A fingertip amount of product is enough to cover your face
  • Your hands must also be washed after use
  • Be careful to wash it all off, as it can bleach your hair/clothes/towels
  • If you experience severe irritation, stop use immediately and speak to your dermatologist for further advice (this should only happen if it’s too strong for your skin)

Enjoy Results With the Best Acne Wash For Face 

We want you to get the very best results possible when you use acne wash products, and so long as you’re sensible with how you use them, you should. If you’ve never used washes like these before, we recommend starting low and working upwards while methodically treating the problem morning and night – if your skin type allows for it. 

When the conditions for acne – dead skin/oil/bacteria – are removed, it’s impossible for them to keep coming, so keep at it, and you’ll get the clear skin you deserve. It’s a simple matter of trial and error to find the perfect level for your unique skin.