KRUSHAK ODISHA PORTAL – Empowering farmers and enriching lives

Krushak Odisha Portal The Odisha Government launched the Krushak Odisha portal programme. Clearly, it is for the farmer’s welfare of the states.  As revealed it provides ₹10,000 for landless agricultural workers. Of course, it provides benefits for the debt-ridden farmers. Candidates applied online. It includes people like farmers, cultivators, labourers, and crop growers. Chief Minister…

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Tile Varieties for Outdoor Use

Outdoor spaces offer fresh air and relaxation, becoming an extension of our indoor living areas. Whether it’s a sprawling backyard, a cosy balcony, or a vibrant poolside, outdoor spaces hold immense potential for leisure and entertainment. As the article explores the various outdoor tiles options for outdoor use, you’ll discover that selecting the suitable tiles…

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