Associacao Dos Formandos De Medicina Da Unig 2023.1 Rio De Janeiro

associacao dos formandos de medicina da unig 2023.1 rio de janeiro

he UNIG Medical Students’ Association (ACME) is a student-run organization that represents the interests of medical students at the Universidade Iguaçu in Rio de Janeiro. The association was founded in 2002 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most active student organizations in the university.

ACME’s mission is to promote the professional development, academic success, and well-being of medical students at UNIG. The association offers a variety of programs and services to support students, including:

  • Academic support: ACME offers tutoring, study groups, and other academic resources to help students succeed in their coursework.
  • Professional development: ACME hosts workshops, conferences, and other events to help students develop their skills and knowledge for a career in medicine.
  • Well-being: ACME offers social activities, mentorship programs, and other support services to help students stay healthy and happy.

ACME is an important resource for medical students at UNIG. The association provides students with the support and opportunities they need to succeed in their studies and prepare for a career in medicine.

2023.1 Activities

ACME has a busy schedule of activities for the 2023.1 semester. Some of the upcoming events include:

  • Academic support: ACME will be offering tutoring and study groups for all major subjects.
  • Professional development: ACME will be hosting a workshop on medical ethics and a conference on global health.
  • Well-being: ACME will be hosting a social event to celebrate the end of the semester.

ACME is always looking for new members. If you are a medical student at UNIG, you can learn more about the association and how to get involved at

Quotes from ACME members

“ACME has been a great resource for me. The academic support has been invaluable, and the social events have helped me meet new people and make friends.” – [Student name]

“ACME has helped me to develop my skills and knowledge for a career in medicine. I am grateful for the opportunities that the association has provided.” – [Student name]

“ACME is a great way to get involved in the medical school community. The association offers a variety of activities and events that make it a fun and rewarding experience.” – [Student name]