An Easy Guide on How to Remove the Skirting Boards

Do you know you can always change your skirting board whenever you are tired of the old one? However, when the time comes for you to replace them, many questions will always come to your mind. Skirting boards have a nature of being replaced, especially when they have been intact for quite a long time. Below is a guide on how to remove skirting board, but you need to understand first why you need to remove them and still have your wall and floor intact. 

  • Why Remove Skirting Boards 

Why should you remove skirting boards from your home? There are various reasons why you should think about doing so. However, you need to know that the skirting boards have a nature to wear and tear and need some replacement. Another reason might be that you are redecorating your space and you feel like it needs some replacing, and the last possible reason is to update your home style. 

  • How To Remove the Boards: Step-By-Step Guide 

There are different ways you can use to accomplish the removal of the board. Before considering the process, what tools do you need to achieve your mission? It would help if you had tools: hammer, crowbar, Stanley knife, pliers, and wood offcuts. Below are a few methods or ways that you can choose to use: 

Preparation for the skirting removal 

Before involving yourself with any activity, you must prepare well, and this is not excluded. If you have any cables attached to the board, remove the cable clips using pliers. Grip the nail with its chip and pull gently. But sometimes, if you find that the caulk has been used to fill gaps, use a Stanley knife to run the blade between the skirting and the wall. 

Remove the skirting board

You should always start near a joint, put its sharp end between the skirting board and the wall, and use a hammer while tapping it underneath the skirting. When the gap appears, use a piece of wood that has the same thickness to skirting board. After this, spread the load as you ease out the board. The process helps protect the plaster behind. 

Tidy up the space

After doing everything, ensure that you continuously tidy up. The boards are usually nailed into the walls, and their removal may be left out with some nails stuck on the walls. To cover this, use a claw hammer to ease out the pins, and again use a wood behind the hammer to protect the plaster from damage. If this is difficult, you can bang the nails on the wall. 

Some may think that removing a skirting board is unimportant, but many don’t understand the damage it may cause when not handled properly. Have you learned the different ways how to remove skirting board? Its removal is usually based on its condition, change of taste, or repair. However, you should also understand that a bad-looking skirting board tells a lot about that specific type of home. Make your home comfortable and good-looking.